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The projects of Alex Vairtere, from the pro bono scribbles of the Daily Spill, to the neo-entrepreneurship of Anaprim Coffee and Brew.

Get Some Organic Java

The picture up above is of 'me' in some metaphoric way. It's an image of the mountains that ring a place called the Verde Valley in Arizona. It's not a place I've ever officially lived, but I've spent a lot of time there, and lived nearby. For much of that time my home and bed were to the north. When you drive toward the Verde from the north, you drop down off the Mogollon Rim and the whole beauty of the landscape below spreads out before you. When I did that drive, that drop, and got that view again, my heart would always sing, and the sound it made was "Vaaaiiirrr".

So I named myself after that feeling and the Terra of the Vert. Consider comparing and contrasting that to the name "Malcolm X", or the name "Voltaire". This is not an assignment. I'm not a professor any more. I'm only another dimestore attempted sage.

Alex is just my Starbucks name. The LLC is an actually extant legal entity.

At least that's one story. There are others.

Some of the stuff I do

I do a lot of things. Most of them you have no reason to care about. But maybe these you might.

Sing Words

For seven years and then some, I have been writing and publishing and spilling daily. I 'write'. I take pictures. I style myself an anarcho-belletrist. It's a pretty damn big deal ennit!

Shoot Film

Now I'm doing the YouTube too. Yes, I have misgivings about the platform and the whole evil Systemic Method. But not about the work. Do the ends justify the means? Do they ever?

Try not to starve

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Here’s some stuff I made recently.

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Have me make stuff for you.

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